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Cast & Catch

June 1st, 2010 by bcguestranches

When looking for the perfect family vacation, sometimes it’s hard to find a holiday that every member of the family will enjoy. The kids and mom want to go horseback riding everyday, but t dad would like to cast his reel and do a little fishing.

Chaunigan Lake Lodge has some of the best fishing around.

Chaunigan Lake Lodge has some of the best fishing around.

At Chaunigan Lake Lodge in the Nemaiah Valley of British Columbia has the best of both worlds. The kids and mom can go for a guided trail ride on horseback along forested trails with birds, wildflowers and the beautiful vistas the Chaunigan has to offer. Head out each morning on a different trail and you will never get tired of what you see.

Now as for Pa, well the Chaunigan Lake Lodge is best known for its world class rainbow trout fishing. It started as a fishing lodge in 1935 and history has proven that their greatest asset (aside from the breathtaking scenery) is their wild rainbow trout fishing. With careful management and remote location has preserved the rainbow trout lake fishing. The average fish size is 2 ½ pounds. The lake has many weed beds and shoal areas, and cool water temperatures year round. The abundant freshwater shrimp population produces a clean firm rainbow trout.

There are many days when experienced fly fishermen will catch 50 fish a day. Chaunigan Lake Lodge has an angling guide available to take guests out on the water, explain the entomology, or help with casting and retrievals.

For a change of pace try one of the 6 fly-in fishing lakes within a 70 mile radius of Chaunigan Lake. All these remote lakes are equipped with boats.

This is a vacation for the whole family! There’s always something new to try each day. Go for a ride, or cast your reel and catch the big one.

Catch of the day.

Catch of the day.

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