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Budget or luxury, family oriented or romantic seclusion

We have the perfect vacation for you

BC Guest Ranchers Association Escape the Everyday with the Best Guest Ranches and Dude Ranches in BC!

Start planning your authentic Western horse riding holiday today,at one of British Columbia’s top guest ranches.

Are you ready to break out of your everyday routine and treat yourself to some unforgettable memories?

The BC Guest Ranchers Association offers the perfect getaway, allowing you to explore the majestic beauty of the British Columbia wilderness while enjoying all the creature comforts of a top-notch guest ranch. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, an adventure with friends, or some quality family time – the BC Guest Ranchers Association has something for everyone!

About the
BC Guest Ranchers

The BC Guest Ranchers’ Association represents the best guest ranches and dude ranches that British Columbia has to offer.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of horseback riding vacations or a first timer to the dude ranch experience, we can help find a ranch holiday you will never forget.

Give us your wish list and we can help you create those forever memories at one of our member ranches. Budget guest ranch vacation or luxury ranch holiday? Take your pick. A family ranch vacation or romantic seclusion? We have the answer to your horse vacation dreams.

British Columbia
Guest Ranch Vacation

A BC guest ranch vacation is a unique, life altering experience, stealing you away from the world as you know it and immersing you in a place without daily pressures or deadlines.

A week’s stay is truly ideal but we guarantee even a few days will feel like more as you adjust your pace to guest ranch life. You rise each morning with not a thought of the life you left behind and only curious expectation of what the day holds.

From working ranch vacations that let you get your hands dirty to luxury dude ranches that pamper you with spa treatments, we can help you find the ultimate equestrian vacation.

Why Choose A BC Guest Ranch?

Membership in the BC Guest Ranchers’ Association is your assurance of quality. Our member guest ranches and dude ranches exemplify the Western ranch ideal of personal, homelike hospitality and atmosphere.

All member guest ranches and dude ranches have horses available to accommodate the needs of all guests who want to ride, and will carefully match you to the right horse to suit your level of horseback riding experience.

Our horses are well cared for, our ranch accommodations clean and comfortable, and all of our people are focused on providing you with a memorable horseback riding vacation.

Let us help you find the horse riding vacation of a lifetime!

What Our Guests Are Saying

Juliane B.
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I was at the ranch for 4 days. The rooms are simple and functional. The staff are super nice and always helpful. The restaurant was still closed and I catered for myself. For this I was brought extra a hot plate and pots. Jenna, the manager and my guide for the rides is super and explained me a lot about the landscape. The horses are very well ridden and treated well. I had a lot of fun.
Ben Marsolais
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Great family vacation, the sky was clear the air was fresh. The hoarse were fun and easy to ride. Great service from this exceptional team at the lodge. could not have asked for better service and a fun family environment.
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A memorable experience! Learned more about horses in 2 days than from all my prior ride experiences. Excellent staff, beautiful property, well cared for horses, and delicious home cooking...Thanks Debbie!
Heather Rexin
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I loved this place! It was wonderful seeing all the horses. Our leader, Sarah (sorry I might have her name incorrect) for the trail ride was great! Highly recommend this ranch. Beautiful setting and scenery all around.
Helene Wheeler
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Sundance Ranch is a highlight of our summer! We have great sleeps from all the fresh air and the beds are super comfortable. The rides are truly stunning, friendly and knowledgeable wranglers, and happy horses. For non riders, the facilities are lovely - a rec rooms with old school video games and pool, plus and an another rec room with a cozy fireplace just for us adults to relax in. The pool is fabulous for a soak after long rides. Finally, the food is absolutely delicious - even the vegetarian options which are full-on separate meals and not just extra helpings of the sides.
Laura Briggs
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Three Bars is the best place on the planet (if you are into mountains and horses). The Beckley family is always terrific and welcoming. The wranglers personable and fun. Accommodations perfect. And the horses are truly outstanding (and I’ve been riding for 40+ years). If you want the vacation of a life time and like to ride (or golf, etc.), visit Three Bars!!
Dave Lapointe
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Elise and her staff went put of their way to make our weekend absolutely incredible. The food was fantastic, but the experience was unlike anything else we'd done. Great was to disconnect and just enjoy the space. Hiking, biking and horseback riding are all great ways to explore.
Jono Austin
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Such a beautiful place to visit, a very remote location that is perfect for a weekend getaway from the everyday hustle. The breakfast was nicely presented, and included a healthy heaping of cold cuts, fruit, eggs and of course delicious bacon. Also the husband and wife team taking care of the place are very friendly, and overly helpful. I will be happy to visit again anytime.
Kristin Fedoruk
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I stayed at a different ranch that ended up being a bad experience where they said they couldn't take my 14 and 16 yr old kids and self on a trail ride-we booked 4 nights there... I sent an email to Free Rein Ranch and she got us in that afternoon. There was excellent riding instruction and a very scenic ride through the forest-saw a few deer. Everyone we interacted with were genuine and warm. It elevated my experience of the Bridge Lake region, and would book here next time. The facility looks clean and well run.
Sarah Kormendy
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Would highly recommend this place. Just went on the one hour 11 AM morning ride and was greeted by the lovely Diane. My husband and I rode ginger and prince they are very mild mannered horses . It was very relaxing and safe during the entire trail ride. The scenery is absolutely beautiful as you wind along Spring Lake near hayfields, birch trees , daisies and then into a beautiful forest and back again. The cost also surprised me as its very low and super affordable. What a wonderful place to do a ride. Definitely a must in the cariboo.
Ilona Anderson
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Amazing place, delicious food, rustic atmosphere, polite Wonderful staff. The wranglers are fabulous never had the same trail twice views to die for. The horses are happy and well cared for. Thank you to everyone we will be back. I miss you already Socks 🐴
Tanya Reid
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Just came back from an amazing week at Three Bars. My 8 y.o. and 11 y.o. voted it best family vacation ever. The setting is spectacular, the staff are so friendly and encouraging and the food was yummy. And the daily rides were amazing. You don't have to be an experienced rider to enjoy the ranch -- my husband had never ridden a horse before and did great. The other thing we really liked is there was no pressure at all -- if you want a day off, no problem. Want a second ride in the afternoon, no problem. Overall, this will be a vacation we will have special lifetime memories from.

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Start planning your authentic Western horse riding holiday today.

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