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Membership Requirements of BC Guest Ranches


A BCGRA member shall exemplify the western ranch ideal of personal, homelike hospitality and atmosphere.

A BCGRA member must be horse oriented. Horses must be available to accommodate wranglers and all guests who choose to ride.

Riding instruction must be available.

Horses must be matched to suit riders’ weight and level of experience.

Stock must be well cared for and equipment kept in good repair.

Guest ranch must operate in the safest way possible, and must have adequate liability insurance.

Available acreage at the ranch and/or adjoining the ranch must be of adequate size to accommodate a horse program that meets the Association requirements.

A BCGRA member’s facility must be adequate to accommodate guests in a comfortable manner. Accommodations must be clean and in good repair.

A BCGRA member shall operate primarily on an all-inclusive basis. A guest ranch shall promote a total package inclusive of food, accommodation, horseback riding and all other ranch activities.

All meals, snacks and beverages to be made available at the ranch or on the trail.

A BCGRA member should encourage guests to stay a minimum of three nights.

A BCGRA member’s promotional material must represent the facility’s current ownership, management and packages offered. Any changes must be reported within thirty (30) days.

A BCGRA member shall be required to operate for a season before accepted for full membership and shall be designated “new member” in the directory during its probationary year.